my Call & my meaning-making

When I first sensed my call to ministry I was 16.
Now I’m 30.

My call is the same now as it was then… and yet it’s completely and utterly different. Now that I’m 30, I’ve finished puberty (thank God), graduated high school, college and grad-school, had a couple jobs and gotten married (no kids yet).

That same call is different now not merely because I’ve lived life, it’s also because I’m asking different questions about myself, the world and my relation to it. My meaning-making is totally different now than it used to be and it will continue to change.

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Now I’m Here

I had a blog once – I stopped making use of it over 3 years ago.  I’ve since imported it to this blog.

Honestly, though, I have no idea what thoughts I expressed in it, but I thought it’d be good for continuity’s sake … or perhaps posterity?   I may agree with some thoughts still, I may not, so take all my prior posts for what they’re worth.  I very well could have moved from or moved on in those thoughts.  Meander through them if you like… but umm, maybe I’d prefer if you didn’t, since I have no idea what sort of pandoras box that might open.