what it feels like to die… or just finals week

I’ve been busy since I’ve returned from Thanksgiving, and it’s not about to let up!  This is not the most enjoyable time of the year, but for whatever reason it seems to be much more busy than last year, or even last May.  Perhaps because I had one or two less exams for those semesters, and perhaps it’s also because I wasn’t married.  Perhaps it’s also because I have an internship that requires much more involvement, and I allow it to involve more of me.

I am going to make my slogan for finals “give me liberty or give me death”; for those great Americans out there, you will realize I am unabashedly ripping off a great American revolutionary hero, Patrick Henry.

I could also make my motto “don’t tread on me”, which harkens back to the Revolutionary War as well.
Let’s just say I am feeling oppressed and abused by Candler, I am being examed without representation… or something…
Unfortunately, this also means I must put off further random thoughts… primarily because I have not been afforded the time to have any.  Let’s just hope my exams go well; I’m working hard enough, so that if they don’t go well I will have to find someone to blame for why they did not go as well as they should have.
On a more positive note!
Alison and I have our first Christmas party of the season tonight!  YAY!  Christmas and jingle bells and Santa and stuff!  Presents!  Jesus’ birthday!  Then Sunday I have a progressive dinner with the youth at church, and then… well lets not go beyond that, we are trying to remain positive here…

I personally don’t like being busy with exams in the way that I am, but I know that this is only for a season and then I’ll be busy with something else, which I enjoy being busied with; at least my hope is that I’ll have a job in ministry somewhere.  Sometimes the road has pot holes (or in this case deep, cavernous crevasses), but even though the road has hit a particularly rough spot does not mean you are on the wrong road and should therefore find another.  No, it means that you should persevere through this trial on your way unto God’s glory and call on your life.
This is what I am fighting to cling to in my mind all whilst New Testament scholarship, and Kant, Schelling, Barth et. al. fight for space as well.


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