two weeks and nothing

So I know I want to post every Friday…

But it’s just not working out these past two weeks.  I suppose that whats end of semester burn out does, cause my brain is fried.  I could write a post… but I’m going to err on the side of not doing so, because I still have a paper due in 4 days that I have not even begun to start on and I have plenty of work to do for my ordination process.  So that’s my excuse for this week.


And Thanksgiving, you’re not supposed to do anything the day after Thanksgiving, except go shopping.  Since I didn’t go shopping, I sat around eating leftovers and hanging out with family.  It was nice.  That’s my excuse for last week.

I would encourage you to read my other blogs though, here’s a personal favorite: Lady Gaga:1 Christians:0

Also, here’s some interesting facts and some more facts on the upcoming SEC Championship game.  For those of who who could careless about the Bulldogs, Tigers or football… you can disregard.

Oh and GO DAWGS!!!


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