pandora… its not a box

Unless it’s a jukebox.

I love Pandora.
Like love love Pandora.
If I was in high school it’d be that girl that I didn’t just like, but like really liked (that whole you like her like her); though, I would never have the guts to ask out, because she is just waayyy too hot for me.  Incidentally, that’s pretty much how high school was come to think of it…

Anyways, I have a station that is custom tailored to me, which of course is the beauty of Pandora.  It was inspired by Paul Simon, The Weepies and Vampire Weekend.

Yeah I know… it’s the most odd conglomeration of musical interests, but that’s why its great!  It’s not just one type of music, it moves from old folksy and rock stuff, to acoustic stuff , to whatever Vampire Weekend is, to euro electronic rock?, to new folk stuff and acoustic blues stuff.  Oh its great… you have no idea!  I also have seeds (meaning something that it pulls from to come up with a song to play) for African music too…. so its pretty amazing.

Some of the artists that come up who I super enjoy are
Phoenix, specifically stuff from their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Temper Trap
Regina Spektor
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Gene Dante and the Future Scarlet
Oh and of course Mumford and Sons, I’m not gonna disguise it at all, they are absolutely my favorite artists right now.  Their album Sigh No More is, in my opinion, the most amazing album in the last 20 years…
Ok I am caught up in the moment…  It is right now, however, the album that I keep on repeat.  Their songs, aside from being awesome, good ole, foot-stompin’ acoustic stuff have a transcendental quality to it.  The lyrics just capture something higher above me and deeper within me; lets just say I identify with them…

There are also numerous others musicians that I enjoy… like a lot so I won’t go into listing all of them.

No huge thought for today… “Thank God,” I’m sure many people are thinking.  Just thought I’d fill in on my musical interests of the moment!


One thought on “pandora… its not a box

  1. Can I just say that all the artists you have come to enjoy (well I don't know Derby or Gene Dante and the Future Scarlet) are some of my new favorites thanks to Pandora?! This just makes me happy. Good taste in music, Jeremiah.

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