sometimes hobbies gotta die

One thing that I have realized lately is that I’m too busy.  I will refrain from taking more than 12 hours a semester all at once from now on.  I will get a August and January term in and then have 12 hours for the semester so I can get my 15/semester total.  Of course I have not withdrawn from my classes now; call me stubborn or call me stupid and I’d agree.
The other thing I realized… sometimes your hobby’s just gotta die.  It’s blogging and working out for me, for instance.  Because I am just so busy, I can’t handle, much less think about, spending time doing things other than studying all week and spending time with Alison on the weekend. Were I single, I would just have a free weekend.  It’s all about getting priorities straight, what are the essentials and what are the nonessentials?

It hurts too, I love blogging; I literally have a list of 5 thoughts/ideas, that I want to work through on this blog and that’s been adding up since the first day of class, and I really wanna work out, ya know for the honeymoon… and well I think that’s enough justification in itself, but I would also like to be healthy as well.  It makes me wonder what next semester will look like when not only will classes are essential, but so is my wife.  I certainly hope I don’t cut into either of those.  I think I’d much rather lose sleeping and eating…

But I guess this is my thought for now…  I am gonna start studying for my Old Testament class.
If you want some good musings I myself have a personal fondness for and


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