I’m still here!

Wow, so talk about a busy, busy semester.  I don’t think, at least I hope, that I’ll ever be this exhausted and swamped when I actually have a church, but I am thinking that that is just wishful thinking.
I have a job now, which is nice.  I am also taking 15 credit hours, which is a ton.  You might think its just 15, but I don’t think I’ve had to read and write so much in my life.  I also actually have a group of friends I hang out with on a regular basis now whilst on campus.  And that’s probably the nicest thing; when I first got here in August I was glum about not having anyone to hang out with and living so far away from campus only compounded that fact.  But since late October, or November, I’ve had a group of people whom I enjoy.  I will say, also, that I am glad that I live a far away from campus as I do.

From what I hear, it seems as if things are the same way for me as they are for my friend who went to CIU, and that’s not really something I want to be around. You’re in a seminary, who are intelligent and can get this theology and make A’s and B’s, but when it comes to actually wrestling with sin… it’s seems like they are as dumb as rocks.  Kind of scathing I know, but it doesn’t surprise me, I mean most of the people who enter every year are those fresh out of undergrad.  I am very, very much the minority; I actually took time off from school, but this also isn’t a second career for me.  What that did was “season” me, as I was told.  But it also let me have time to grow and know my self and sin, of course I was in an environment that enabled that.  But I feel like when you’re going straight from senior year to grad school you have no time to actually experience “real life”.  I also think, however, that most people weren’t blessed with the same thing I was blessed with, and that is a community that takes even the smallest sin seriously and won’t let you get away without thinking about it.  And that’s probably the most important part, I had that kind of community; I really do consider it a blessing.

All in all I enjoy seminary.  I would say that I have a love-hate relationship with it, but I have the same relationship with most things…  I love what I am learning, but I hate the amount of work; I love my classes, but I really hate going from 8am-9pm on Tuesdays.  I am very excited, most of all, that Seminary has become less of a thing that I do and more a thing I take part in and am of.

If there was anything that I want most though?  I just want to be married! It’d be nice to have everything I enjoy all in one place!


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