until a later time.

So I have no idea if I am going to post at all this week like I was planning on…. I doubt it honestly.  I figured that I had a lot of free time ahead of me this week to both write up some more thoughts and read, but I don’t know if its because I’m lazy or because I haven’t had the time that I thought I was going to have.  I’m thinking its mostly because I’m lazy, hahaha.  Of course I’ve also been pretty busy.  Monday I feel like me and Alison, errr Alison and I, ran around a bunch doing a lot of petty errands and tasks; then Tuesday we did the same thing again, only this time it was my petty errands and tasks we were taking care of.

Good news though!  I got an 89 on my Old Testament test, which is great! I was definitely surprised by the grade, I thought it was going to be around a low B, but it wasn’t!  I also got an A on a paper for my pastoral care class!  On the whole I ended up with a 3.75 GPA for the semester, which I was surprised by, I really didn’t expect it; I was hoping for a 3.5 but I guess I’ll settle for more….  My worst grade came in the class that was more writing intensive… go figure, I have my dad’s amazing writing ability (I think only my dad and mom are going to get the sarcasm in that one).  I also think I could have gotten a better grade in the class had I gotten a better grade on the last paper, but I don’t think 3 pages was enough to write all that I wanted and all that I should have written, at least according to the comments on the paper. it would at least have needed to have been a 5/6 page paper, and a clearer prompt; I just thought it was a simple paper on my own thoughts, not a paper in which I had to write for it but argue against possible ideas against it.
But that’s neither here nor there.  I’ll keep on keeping on striving for A’s and not settling for less, which should be a blast!


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