Why I do what I’m doing

I don’t think I have ever fully expressed why I write things on here.
There are two reasons really, the first one is the secondary reason, and the second is the primary reason.  So I’ll start with the secondary first.  I write because I think.  I am one of those guys that gets a thought and it simply stays in my head until it gets out somehow.  Well this blog is this somehow.  My head will seriously explode, I think and I dwell and think some more.  Its why some posts will have another post dealing with further thoughts. You think that after 25 years I’d be able to help, but unfortunately it’s only gotten worse.  Seminary hasn’t helped either, actually its only made me think more.  I am glad I started this at the beginning of the semester because I have seriously needed it.
Secondly, the primary reason I do this is so people whom I don’t see or talk to everyday anymore can still hear my experiences.  One of the frustrating things that I have experienced having moved form Greensboro is that I no longer have those friends to constantly talk to about stuff that I am pondering.  Whether or not they enjoyed it… well I’ll just assume they did, and I hope they are able to enjoy this as well.  This allows them to still hear me and be involved with me I guess.  At least this is my hope.
Perhaps what I really want is just a place to put my thoughts down and hope that this place is the same place that old friends still converse with me about ideas…..

And I suppose the most minor of third reasons… maybe someone important will read something and the world will be changed!!!!!
But lets not get ahead of ourselves….


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