Where my trust lies….

So my first day of seminary classes was yesterday.
It was one of the most stressful days I have had in a looooonnnnggg time.  Not because of classes, though!  Luckily!  In fact, I absolutely enjoyed my classes, in so far as they were simply the introductory ones.  No, my troubles were with life in general, those stupid things that get you down.  To start out with my car started  that morning, juuuusst barely, which meant I had a low battery…. not good for my car.  Then half way to campus the battery light comes on, even worse.  I make it to campus, thank God, and tried not to let it stress me out, but it did, and did so quite well.  Well the next unfortunate thing happens, the day I need my computer most to get directions from google to an auto shop, the screen goes hardcore blank.  Which it has done before, does so now at the worst time.
In the midst of all this I wasn’t so much angry as I was stressed and exhausted more so from the stress.  It got me expressing all this to God, and finally I got to the point of admitting to God that my car and computer are just things I don’t want to leave up to my faith in Him.  I mean, I just want them to work, and do so reliably.  After all, they are both machines, and there should be no screw ups unless a part is screwed up.  The computer is brand new, shouldn’t screw up; the car has a year old battery and new alternator, shouldn’t be failing.
That’s just the way it should work, faith in God’s provision and blessing should be completely unnecessary, thus my anger.  How ignorant of me! How prideful of me!  To think that anything is not held within the hands of God and under my, or any other man’s, own power and ability.  Its humbling to admit that in reality all that I have is a blessing and could indeed be taken from me in a second, be it life, money, fiancée, or possessions.  I’ll admit I don’t like to fly by the seat of my pants, especially when I need a car to get to campus every day, and live where most of my other colleagues do not.
But it is freeing, a little bit, at least so far, to know that not only God is in control, but that He does provide, Jehovah Jireh, and that He has always done so, and always will do so.
I was far more relaxed by the end of the day, because God was quick to show His grace and mercy through family, friends and a good auto shop, as well as a year long HP warranty.
God is faithful and His love endures forever!  So good to know!


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