Glad you stopped by this way point on the information super highway! I don’t post often (I try for 2 posts a month) and by and large my posts area record of my my manifold thoughts, sometimes in series form.  As such, they can only truly reflect my journey through my call and faith and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to consider what I put down here as a final arrival on any specific topic. Any published thought here i best consider a way-point on the road, as I’m sure that I’ll probably move somewhere on in the same thought. Perhaps something here will resonates with you or perhaps it aggravates you, either way I hope it makes your reading here worthwhile.

As I’ve said, these are many various thoughts on many various things. There will rarely be a specific theme and I don’t have a rhyme or reason in mind for this blog in general other than to get my thoughts down and out of my head on various topics.  I would certainly like my expressions to make some sort of larger impact, but that is not my intent.
Having said that, considering myself and my interests (and my education), you’ll find that most of my thoughts are focused on several things: the UMC, the relationship between theology and culture, and why humans are the way are and act/do they way they do. Of course, the last one is a rather grab-bag of things and I pull from human developmental theory (specifically Erik Erikson and James Fowler), systems theory (specifically Urie Bronfenbrenner) and Christian theology (with a Wesleyan bent).
As for who I am: I think I will always be an aspiring pastor in the UMC – regardless of whether I have a position or where I have it, something new will always crop up requiring me to aspire to pastor unto that new, specific and unique situation.  Beyond that: I am husband to a wonderful woman, lover of culture – American or otherwise – and all the food, art, music and livelihood that accompanies it and I find the absurdity of life something to be enjoyed – even if it’s frustrating every now and then – lastly, I am alive by a grace that burns in my bones.