I don’t post often (I try for 2 posts a month), so don’t be surprised if I have done anything in a while. It’s not for lack of thought. Sometimes I know what I want to say and the words flow. Other times I wrestle with a post for months trying to figure out how to say it.
These words reflect the stumbling, bumbling journey I’m taking in my faith and call, so most of the stuff I put on here is rarely ever a final arrival on any specific topic. Instead, they are like way-points on the road to somewhere more perfect. Having said that, don’t try and looking for a rhyme or reason other than to getting my thoughts out of my head on various topics.
However, if there were to be any theme to what I consistently think about, my thoughts are focused on several things: the UMC, the relationship between theology and culture, and why humans are the way are and act/do they way they do. Of course, the last one is a rather grab-bag of things and I pull from human developmental theory (specifically Erik Erikson and James Fowler), systems theory (specifically Urie Bronfenbrenner) and Christian theology (with a Wesleyan bent).

As for myself: I think I will always be aspiring pastor as a United Methodist pastor, regardless of whether I have a position or where I have it. I am seeking to serve ever more perfectly in love and something is always cropping up requiring me to aspire seek perfection in new, challenging ways. Beyond that: I am husband to a wonderful wife and a lover of culture (American or otherwise) and all the food, art, music and livelihood that accompanies it. I find the absurdity of life something to be enjoyed (even if also endured now and then). Lastly, I am alive by a grace that burns in my bones.